Resident Evil 3 (Review)

It’s been barely 2 days since RESIDENT EVIL 3 Remake came out. We’ve finished the game and tried the free RESIDENT EVIL Resistance mode. Here’s out quick breakdown of the game:

Positive +

  • From the demo to the release, the game maintained its fantastic visual. Exploring Racoon city is so immersive and captivating with every single detail of the outbreak impacting on the environment.
  • Storywise the plot has some nice ups and downs that keep you captivated from the beginning to the end.
  • The gameplay isn’t the best but you’ll enjoy it once you get into the management system and survival type. Your survival might vary depending on how you choose to manage everything.

Negative –

  • Nemesis deserves justice. His presence in the game isn’t as portrayed by the trailer. He appears on and off during specific action scenes that just break the sudden survival horror type into some weird adrenaline run to escape Nemesis.
  • By the time you finish the game, you’ll wonder “Is that all we got of Nemesis?” . Yes, you will! Because the game is as short as Nemesis presence throughout the game.
  • Yes, there is RE: Resistance but the game needs to be polished and it lacks the charm of a Resident Evil game.

For good ol’times sake we’ll give RESIDENT EVIL 3 Remake, 6/10.

Jill Valentine will be available in RESIDENT EVIL Resistance in a week. (April 17, 2020)

Let us know how your walkthrough of RESIDENT EVIL 3 Remake was in the comments below.

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