PlayStation 5 reveal: 2 models and amazing upcoming games!

Sony has finally revealed the PlayStation 5 and here’s a quick look at how the console looks like.

Following the DualSense reveal weeks ago, the new console will be available in 2 models.

– PlayStation 5 (regular model)
– PlayStation 5 (Digital Edition)

The only difference between both model are the Blu-ray drive. In the digital edition, as the name implies it, the console doesn’t have a disc drive and looks substantially thinner. Aside from that, the specs and the hardware have been confirmed to be the same.

Alongside the PlayStation 5 consoles, new PlayStation headphones, new HD Camera, a Media Remote and a dock station for the DualSense will be released at the same time.

For those who don’t really bother collecting discs and physical copies, the digital edition looks very attractive.

Following the reveal, PlayStation Studios also announced a few games. (read more here)

What do you think of the new PlayStation 5 consoles?

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