DUALSENSE: SONY’s new controller for the PlayStation 5!

After 25 years of re-inventing and improving the DualShock controller, Sony unveiled a new controller for its next-gen console.

Here’s quick and simplified breakdown of the DUALSENSE.


  • ‘Share’ button has been replaced with the ‘Create’ button which does as the name implies, create gameplay content to be shared.
  • Haptic feedback instead of the old rumble.
  • Adaptive triggers (L2/R2) that can be adjusted for different gameplay sensation.
  • Tempest 3D AudioTech from the console to the DualSense which creates a feeling of immersion while playing.
  • Integrated microphone (for a quick in-game chat)
  • USB-C charging port on top (replacing the old port)
  • Buttons have a more rounded shape
  • The PS Home button is not cut as the ‘PS’ shape

DUALSENSE (Official pictures, as released by Sony)

There are so many updates coming up on the DualSense and the console which Sony hasn’t revealed yet. The PlayStation 5 will launch this fall!

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